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You And The Universe

Astronomers still debate how the universe originally formed. The universe is the whole enchilada. Everything that exists, exists in the universe. Before you start getting into the details about things that happen in the universe, try to think about how big it is. Start with you. You are only a couple of feet long. Compare yourself to a whale, or a dinosaur. They are enormous. Then think about how big your city is and how much space you take up in your state, your country, or your continent. Then imagine the Earth. You're not very big now. Hold on it gets worse.

The Earth is pretty small when you compare it to Jupiter. Jupiter is pretty small compared to the Sun. As you go on, there are millions of suns in our galaxy and thousands of galaxies in the universe. No one really knows how many. There are some scientists and mathematicians with theories, but nobody really knows. We have discovered a few things and you can check them out in the related links.

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